It all started three years ago. I had the first child, I just moved to a bigger apartment but I couldn't keep it in a nice, clean shape. Then I discovered Apartment therapy if you don't know it, it is time to check it out. In October 2010 they had series called Fall Cure 2010. It was all about how to cure your living space in 20 minutes for 20 days. I loved it, but I didn't do it, not one single thing they suggested.

Then in April 2011 I finally had it enought. I sad to my husband, I will try to sell some stuff or donate it, because I can not live with sow much clutter of all kinds. He asked about my goal. I said 100€ and an apartment where I can really file at home. Good luck, was all he had to say.

Today I must write:
  • that I LOVE my apartment, 
  • that all the clutter is gone,
  • that I am not making any new one, 
  • but constantly paring down the things that we own,
  • if I want to buy something, I think more then twice and
  • then I first search if I could buy it second-hand.


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