Last week was ... full of moments I left my comfort zone.
Visiting the school my girl will attend, was like surreal, just yesterday we were strolling her around, changing diapers (thank God thats over) and now school?! 6 years can fly by, believe me. Finally feeling so much better I put a skirt on and then, after therapy feeling so bad, so I couldn't meet up with my ig girlfriends in Ljubljana. Yesterday and today by brand mia & mika is at BazArt at F├╝rst haus in Ptuj. You can visit us also between the tradicional carnaval that will be today, just come and say hi // I am the swan.


Last week I was finally, after a very long long time feeling better, feeling a little bit more like myself, again.
I had to celebrate this, so I took myself to my first real sushi restaurant and had a vegan feast.

I just love the roses I got for my son's birthday, looking great still after 6 days.

My mia & mika brand / shop is slowly growing! That makes me so truly happy, I can not describe it. In all this time, I was so sick, that I couldn not even dress myself, I was thinking about this... how I would start, how I would make beautiful little baby moccasins from the best vegetable tanned leather that is toxic and chrome free... and now I making them and they are getting great reviews from my first customers. Thanks to each and single one of you, who believed in me and my moccasins, you know who you are! 
For spring I started to make some new colorful models, you can see them soon in my store but you can also follow me on &
instagram @miaandmika_shop.

I am still vegan and I will stick to it, because I just feel so much better that it is hard to describe. This is my vegan avocado & sweet pepper sandwich that got me the most likes on instagram last week, funny but really  delicious!

Have a nice Sunday everyone & till my next post I wish you all the best,
love Jelena




Last week was all about:

  • beautiful weather,
  • finding a new routine, 
  • ice cream for everyone,
  • sleeveless T-shirts and 
  • homemade vegan waffles!


This week was is sign of:

little koi fish that disappeared from the pond...

a messy apartment

my first lecture in front of 120 people and I did good, without a stage fright, what!

my first and last swim in the sea this year.

What made your week?




 I tackled my first routine goals for September and here are my thoughts:

  • if you want to wake up early, go to bed earlier

  • when the alarm clock is on, just stand up and start the day, regardless how good it would be to lie in the bed a few minutes more... 

  • if you find a fun and efficient exercise routine you will also do it, if it isn't the first or the second, you won't stick to it, the pure truth

  • you would like to try something new, or try something again, just do it, don't wait, look up for classes, look up for prices and schedules and just call and arrange you first class, because later mostly becomes never, never ever

  • you daydream about something, maybe it's time to do something more then just dream, invest your time and thought into it and follow your instinct, because the time in now

I hope my simple and short advice inspired you, but maybe you have something to add? 





This week was special, with a lot of firsts. The first visit with the kids to the mountains. I tried a lot of new vegan recipes as you can see and found some vegan ice cream in Maribor, but sadly my homemade ice is still better.  I even "by-the-way" found some perfect leather ballerinas and trousers, that never happens.

But, the pictures of the refuges, can't go out of my mind...




The new kindergarten year started this week and we can also say goodbye to summer, but what about our daily routine? Do you still have one, after summer and vacation time? I don't, the kids also wake up later then usual, so a routine has to come to our lives again and better fast.

This month I will write about different routines which I want to get back to or conquer new. The most important change for me is, that I am not working full time anymore and this fact changes almost everything about my daily schedule. 

So here are my summarised routine goals for September:

  • waking up earlier to have enough time for let say "everything"
  • incorporate as much of the daily Ayurveda routine to my life as possible, this one won't be easy
  • find time to exercise in the morning
  • look up for a yoga class
  • productively work on my Masters degree, the time is running out on this one
  • prepare a good vegan lunch and dinner plan for me, and a non-vegan plan for the rest of the family
  • make a cleaning routine and stick to it
  • work on small future projects after the kids go to bed

I think I have a lot of work a head of me, so lets see, if I manage to find a way, to get back on track with my old and new routine goals. What about you, do you have a strict daily routine or any special routine goals for the rest of the year? Just comment below, so we can encourage each other! 

I linkeup with dear Sonja, here