I tackled my first routine goals for September and here are my thoughts:

  • if you want to wake up early, go to bed earlier

  • when the alarm clock is on, just stand up and start the day, regardless how good it would be to lie in the bed a few minutes more... 

  • if you find a fun and efficient exercise routine you will also do it, if it isn't the first or the second, you won't stick to it, the pure truth

  • you would like to try something new, or try something again, just do it, don't wait, look up for classes, look up for prices and schedules and just call and arrange you first class, because later mostly becomes never, never ever

  • you daydream about something, maybe it's time to do something more then just dream, invest your time and thought into it and follow your instinct, because the time in now

I hope my simple and short advice inspired you, but maybe you have something to add? 


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