How I became a vegan



How I became a vegan? Overnight. Yes, simple as that.

The longer story goes something like this. The last few months I had severe problems with my sensitive skin. I had this all my life, but for the last 10 years, I kept things under control, mostly with homeopathy. This winter I knew it wasn't going to be enough and so in I turned to vaidya Nithi Subramaniam, more about him you can find here.

Now I am only eating vegan food, he advised me to, for more then one month, and I must say, I just feel great. Really great. Not that my health problems are solved, far from that, but I achieved so much already, just with my simple vegan diet. It's funny how we all eat the industrially processed food we like and we are having "party's in our mouth" but we don't see the big picture. Our health and our wellbeing. Sometime this is hard to acknowledge, but it's never to late to change. So now you know why I wasn't blogging… and what did you eat for lunch? 

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