a happiness review, NOT



It was time to write this post, a happiness review, not! More a reality review. Our lives are full with happy and not so happy memories. We remember the good and suppress the bad, so I wanted to write down the other half, that I normally do not mention. 

I am not so happy about to carry my heavy bike two times a day up and down a rail underpass because the contractor did not do his job properly! So now I have severe pain in my back, carrying that bike up and down in my bobby's.

I am not so happy about that I finally found the perfect photo book, made already two beautiful albums just to find out the shipping is 53$, more then the books together... 

I am not so happy about that my kids do not appreciate white walls and ironed clothes, that every time you come home from shopping the apartment looks like a bomb exploded?!

I am definitely not happy about drinking a cold  coffee every morning, because Nespresso Aeroccino gave up after 2,5 years of loyal service. 

I am not so happy about the lack of time to edit all the old posts, because they do not look good in the new layout, to get the girl who did the layout, help me to finish the details, but she takes her time..., to take the time to blog and not to fall asleep at 9.00PM, to add new content I am not too comfortable about.

Just you know, I believe that we should not emphasise the word happy, everyone is talking about this days. I personally just try to think, that things are things, not good or bad, they happen for and with a reason. We should just take them, as they come and carry our head up high with glory, no matter what! 


  1. Tud jaz sem mela zadnji teden bolj un-happy kot happy. Ampak kot si rekla, stvari so dobre ali slabe z razlogom in mi vse sprejmemo, se ne damo ;). Upam, da bo vikend lepši :)!


    1. Tako to je, malo belo, črno in seveda sivo...pa ne da bi se pritoževali, a večina bloggerjev poudarja ta happy feeling, pa sem zato jaz želela napisat nekaj malo bolj realnega... :)

      Veš da bo vikend lepši! <3



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