Let's talk a little bit about post - breastfeeding. Yup, the subject doesn't come up very often, but to all the moms to be, you should know, the cup size changes, most of the time. First it is up and then down. Here you have it. It is the truth, isn't it? Like the alphabet I went from the start A, B, C, D almost E and then back to B, but stopped at A. And what I have learned in this time, that big brands like H&M stopped making small bras. Also some shops that are selling just underwear do not have something smaller then B... no comment. So when the sale started this year, I wanted to buy some pritty things for underneath, but everything that I found nice was already sold. I knew we have an Agent Provocateur shop in Ljubljana, so I hoped they have the sale. Boy, I was right! To all of you who know how much AP costs, I got my cheapest bra for 10 euros and the staff was really amazing. They got a new customer and with the next sale, I will go back for sure!

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