Good afternoon, I hope you all had a great weekend? Today's post is all about this months topic WORKING MOM and how to manage your WORKING DAYS.  It will be posted a little bit later then usual 5 AM CET, because I was and still am sick. Yes, mom's also get sick, but just occasionally, here and there.

Last week I wrote about, how to reevaluate you time, more you can read here and all about the Working mom topic you can find here.

Having children is the best thing that can happen, but it also becomes an organisational challenge  when the maternity leave is over and especially, if you are a full time working mom or even more, if you are a single parent. My mom was one.

Here are a few of my tips to for an simple and stress free schedule on a working day like today:

1. Download a weather app on you phone, so it will take you just seconds in the morning to check the forecast.
2. Prepare all the children stuff and clothes in the evening, if you have a girl, you can lose a lot of time in the morning finding/feithing about what to wear to kindergarten... she can choose her outfit the night before by herself and then you just check it.
3. Wake up early, it will save you a  lot of stress!!!
4. If the children are a little bit older, from 2 to 3,  they can dress alone.
5. For the breakfast, you can also prepare the table the night before, my children do it by themselves.
6. Find a beauty routine that works for you (and it's fast) ...
7. Organize your closet and shoes, so you will only have things that fit you and you will feel great in them no matter what occasion. You will no longer use time on "What should I wear?", for sure!
8. Prepare your purse for the next day or if you have many bags, just create a storage section, where you put everything out of your bag and then in the morning, when you decide to take another bag, you just put it all in, and nothing is lost or forgotten.
9. Take care of your "transportation" from shoes, bike to a car, it is bad when they leave you half of the way to work...
10. Eat lunch, so you won't come home hungry as a wolf.
11. Don't plan to much activity at the second half of the day, you and your children are already a bit tired, so enjoy you time together, play go outside...
12. Prepare a easy cooked dinner, mostly we cook or make salads for ourselves. 
13. Remember to do the house work with you children, they can help you dust and vacuum clean. Before bed, they should put all the of the toys, that are laying around the house, into their room. 
14. After the little "dragons" are asleep you should take the time for yourself, do or make something that makes you happy, from blogging to reading a book, but don't go to the kitchen and clean!!!
15. Least but not least, go to bed early there is never enough sleep for us.

Hope there was a tip for you, that can help you simplify your everyday. If you have some more tips for me, just share them below, I am really interested.

To all of the Ladies out there, have a great week!


  1. interesting to read your daily routine tips. Ours are very similar, but the children a bit younger. Still the "big girl" can help me with stuff.
    Great week to you, too!

    1. Yes, it is nice and good to read what other daily routines are like, so sometimes you find a solution for yourself that you didn't know existed. My are 2,5 and 4, so it was "anstrengend" before, but now I am going with this nice flow.

      Eine schöne woche und der Sommer soll wiederkommen!

      LG, Jelena


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