me, myself & minimalism



As I have already posted, I am on my way going more and more minimalist... mostly I, my husband is not following, jet. 
Till now I have learned it is ongoing process. Never ending. But I still manage to buy something that I don't need, even don't like... the last thing was a bracelet that I put on and off and that's it. I wasted 2 euros. Then on the other hand, from 2011 till now I sold or donated everything that I didn't need, used or liked. Now when I find something from that category's I donate or sell it right away. I do make shopping list, like the ones I have posted and then I wait some time before I go to the shops. Everything in my closet is fully by my taste and I would say it fits my figure & I stick to this rules. Everything goes with everything, I don't waste the time to figure out what to wear or which handbag to choose, now I have just 3 of them...

Last year we made ​​your first garden. It was a complete success, we all enjoy the work, also saved a lot of money and the quality of domestic vegetables is ... priceless. This year we are expanding our gardening love a little bit more.

With all this accomplished, I now love my home, my little apartment, every corner of it.

When I go to the sea - vacation, I just take my old Eastpak backpack from High-school and put in all my stuff, except the towels. How about you? Are you also simplifying your life and how, tell my your story.


  1. Sem še v procesu "minimiziranja" :). Kar se tiče shoppinga se totalno držim nazaj in kupujem le stvari, ki jih res rabim in nato tudi uporabljam na max :). Če ne potrebujem kozmetike, jo razdelim prijateljem. Stanovanjce je pa že itak tako mini, da drugače kot minimalno sploh ne gre :)! Super da se tako držiš tega načela, več takih rabimo :)!


    1. Ja ko je stanovanje mini je vse mini, ko pa se razkomotiš potem pa... :)
      Meni je kar slabo, ko se spomnil kako je bilo...
      polno vsega, nič za oblečt,
      samo prelaganje in pospravljanje, popolnoma po nepotrebnem.
      Kar se tiče kozmetike, enako, če naletim na izdelek, ki mi ne odgovarja, ga tudi podarim.

      V bistvu je stvar preprosta, nabavimo si stvari, ki bi nam naj življenja poenostavile in polepšale, ponavadi pa je ravno obratno.


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