balcony love the dutch way



Have you ever been in Amsterdam? In the heart of the city you can find flowers, bushes and trees planted in all sorts of products, from real pots to oil containers. This is real recycling, all in the purpose of having your home or outside of your home greener almost for free. So this year I decided, I would do the same thing, but suitable for my small/french balcony. I used some old wooden crates from the market. Put in a durable big black plastic bag & soil. In all the discount stores you could find different cheap seeds, so I got a mix of 5 difrent flowers all together 40 seeds for just 2,3 €. I used just a few for the balcony, the rest is in my garden. Now I just have to wait to see the final results.

that is my small balcony love <3

It is so affordable and if you love flowers and don't want to waste a lot of money or time, just do it the dutch way!

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