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Hey everyone! I am so happy and proud that this is already my 100. post! Yeah!

I hope you like my writing and photos, if you are particularly interested in something, just write a comment below or a mail and maybe I could include it in a post. All comments are always very welcomed, don't forget that!


My new challenge I wanted to write about. I decided that in the next 30 days I won't spend/buy anything, except food & other necessities like medicine. So I won't buy nothing new for myself, kids or the home, no new makeup, clothes, accessories, magazines, toys, frames, books ... nothing. I already started on Friday 4.4.2014.

I hope I will inspire someone, to join me in this personal challenge, to get a new perspective on our spending habits and more... So you know, I was thinking about this for a longer time, but then I read a post on The Dwelling tree, here

When I mentioned it to my husband he said, but you are not buying anything... Ok, then it won't be hard ;) Let's see. Dare and try something new, join me!


  1. Hi Jelena, you know I said it also in February - that I won*t buy something for next few months ... I don*t remember anymore how It went, but I think I didn*t spend some money except for my B-day :), but now It starts again ... But Good idea, just continue that way ;), Tam

    1. Dear Tam,
      first thank you for the comment &
      second you were always a clever consumer :) my friend!

      Love to Lux <3

  2. Woohooo, 100. post, bravo :)! Tvoj blogec je super, res ga rada spremljam :). In dober challenge, tokrat se ti ne pridružim, ker sem v pomanjkanju parih ključnih stvari :)), mogoče pa naslednjič. Poročaj kako bo šlo, you can do it :)!


    1. Hvalaaaaaaaaa :)
      Learning by doing je moj moto, tako da upam, da bo s časom pridobival na kvaliteti ;) ta moj mali blogg.

      Drugač pa meni tudi manjka stvari, a kaj ko ne najdem tega kar iščem, vsaj ne v svojem cenovnem razredu... brezveze.

      Lep začetek novega delovnega tedna!



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