no spending/buying challenge #4



They say, blogs encourage consumerism. I would say yes. Some sort. Some good, some bad... it could be discussed.
It 's already week 3 of my no spending/buying challenge, but I have bought this beautiful illustration, as mentioned, here. Something for myself, because I normally buy things for others. And it's Gita's fault. On her blog ODDS & ENDS, here, I read the interview with Anja Slibar, a young and very talented illustrator, her site here. So, that was it! I looked up her site, wrote an email to see, if I could afford her work, because a lot of empty frames were waiting to go in action... 
Sometimes breaking the rules makes you more happy than you though.

Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend! I have just one week to go!


  1. Oh, Anja! Še vedno se kar ne morem nagledat njenih preprostih, čudovitih ilustracij <3. Kršenje pravil je pa itak nekaj najboljšega ;)!
    Lep petek ti želim!


    1. Vredne greha, so te ilustracije!

      Komaj čakam da dobijo svoje mesto na steni.

      Lep vikend tudi tebi!!! <3



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