no spending/buying challenge #5 or the end



I can't believe it... 4 weeks of my no spending/buying challenge are over!

This went fast. I had some moments in the drugstore, were I just wanted to buy something from my list, but I didn't. In the end I did 3 non-essential purchases: the beautiful illustrations you saw, an umbrella and a pair of shoes for my girl. The second day she tells me, they are to small... no comment...
My shopping list system was very helpful. I wrote down things I would like to buy in two columns. One for buy it right away, the second was for in the future. In the end I decided that 75% of the things from the list I don't need or don't need now.
My conclusion... I like the end result so much, that I will stick with the 30-day shopping list.
Happy Friday & enjoy your weekend! I can't wait to go shopping, again!


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