I posted a list of BABY ESSENTIAL ITEMS, if you haven't read it, you can find it hereOur second part of this series is sleeping. I have put down just a few things, the essential I would say:

CRIB is just a place were the baby will sleep, so if you want to spend a lot of money, you surely can, but if you don't, you can find a new Ikea crib for 35 euros. I always had a thing for this Leander bed, but it was never in my price range. 

How much do you think this mattress will be used, one, two or three years? It is again up to you, what is important for you, I just both the Ikea mattress in a middle price range and it did it's job.

MATTRESS PAD was bought when my girl ended using the diapers at the age of two, but you can buy it from the start to save the mattress. When choosing think about the material and the right size, I prefer a cotton one. 

BEDDING follow your imagination and budget, now limits here.

BLANKETS one for the summer and one for the winter, depending where you live, cotton or flannel and wool are my choices. I saw the new Bugaboo wool ones, here, they are just my style ;)

I don't know way, but in Slovenia it's really hard to find nice cotton or wool blankets in any size, from small to big. 

When I first saw that cradle, I thought this is great product, worth investing money in it. You can find more about it here.  But remember, it all depends from the child, it could be the best or the worst spend money.  My girl was using it for all her day naps from day one till the 7 month and she loved it, she could play in it ... but my boy, he couldn't stand it.


As Stig Leander wrote about the cradle, the link is here:

" The free way in which the cradle moves helps to stimulate the child’s sense of orientation. The sense is in the inner ear and it is not only crucial to our balance. It tells us about the body’s position in relation to the surroundings and about direction and speed so, for example, we know how we should place ourselves when we are to catch a ball. It also helps the brain to sort out the many impressions so we can concentrate better.
The sense of orientation also contributes to strengthening the body’s muscles in relation to balance. If the sense is poorly developed, the child has difficulty sitting on a chair and it can be difficult to concentrate on learning."

I think this cradle is rally something special and in my case was worth all the money, but it is not an essential item. On the other hand, I would put this cradle before any rocking chair or play-blanket, definitely.


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