Last Monday I posted a list of BABY ESSENTIAL ITEMS, if you haven't read it, you can find it here.
All the stuff that I suggested was put in different categories by color. I will write something about each categorie, from my personal point of view.

If you have a car, you will need one. You can find two types, one where the baby is lies down like in a basket, they are more expensive and can be used olny for a shorter period of time. The second one, that we used is the 0+ from birth to 13 kg, or till the cild doesn't grow out of it. 
There is also the Isofix, that should even give more safety, but it can be used olny in newer cars that have some anchorage points, you can check the list here. We didn't have them in our car, so Isofix didn't make it to my baby essential list.

You can find all different brands of car seats, in various price ranges, but before you buy one, go and try it out in the store, compare the models and the prices. I would buy a second-hand car seat olny from a person that I know and the older they are, the more fragile the plastic becomes, so that fact should also be considered. 


Whit strollers, there are some many possibilities, but remember BUY ONE THAT WILL SUIT YOUR LIVESTYLE, because you will be using it every day, for two to tree years! So if you walk a lot, like I did, or if you have a dog, like I have, it must be one that is more then just pretty.

I had 5 different strollers from Bugaboo Cameleon, Maclaren Triumpf, Maclaren XL, Maclaren Volo to a Peg Perego Si. A Lascal maxi buggy board was also used. My two children are born 18 moths apart, first in July second in January, so the weather was a factor to think about, when we were buying a stroller.

Today strollers can cost a fortune and it all started with and because of the Bugaboo Cameleon. It was the first stroller with a price tag, that was until then unthinkable high, but when the purchasing boom happened all the other company's followed the trend. And here we are today, with strollers that are costing more the 1000 euros. 

For our way of live, the Bugaboo Cameleon 2, was the best (from all the five strollers that I had and all that I have tried out from friends). I loved it from day one, my girl went home from the hospital with her Bugaboo... then we bought all the other ones, every single one of them was good, but as said the Cameleon was for us the best. Main reason, for me were: 
  • basket & seat, not all in one
  • easy folding and unfolding
  • reclinable and reversible seat
  • city and rough terrain wheel position, suitable for sand and snow, really!
  • adjusting suspension
  • high adjustable handlebar 
  • the super big sun canopy
  • the only bad thing I found was the brake. 

Today you can also accessories your buggy. I also did, but as I found out, that a product is not giving me any favors, I sold it. The olny things that were used from the start till the end were the Bugaboo footmuff and cup holder. The Bugaboo footmuff can be used from the start till the end off buggy time, they are now also selling a high performance footmuff, which has two detachable covers that can be changed depending on the weather. 
I was also searching for an organizer, something like this, but I couldn't find it, then when it come on the market it wasn't needed anymore. 

DIAPER BAG, I bought it also from Bugaboo, the isolated side pockets practical, everything else wasn't, so it had to go. After that, I just used a canvas bag to put it on or underneath the stroller. It was cheaper, lighter, had a lot of space and was more easy to wash, but if I went somewhere I put it all in my Vuitton Mezzo Piano. 

BABY CARRIER we also used. I bought the Ergo baby carrier with infant insert. A friend told me about it and when I saw it in Austria, I just went home with it. The thing was, that my daughter didn't like it, she was 5 months old to first sit in it. My son, on the other hand loved it from the start, but at the time he was 10 weeks old I saw and felt that there was something wrong. He was the diagnosed with a hypotonia of one body side, so the carier was strictly forbidden from the doctor. 

Note: If the Bugaboo Donkey would been on the market at the time I had my second child, I would definitely bought him, it would save me a lot of nerves.

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